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Pill Reminder

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PillReminder reminds you to take your contraception (pill/patch/ring) at the desired time every day, stopping reminders automatically on the pause period (contraception type specific) and rescheduling automatically when the next period starts. Plan ahead using the calendar if you want to be reminded on certain days sooner or later to take the prevention or whether you want to skip the next pause period.Now you can plan in advance the following:
- Skipping contraception pause - Delaying contraception notification - Changing contraceptive - Starting new contraception cycle
All these things will be displayed in the calendar.
- Configurable daily reminder time with timezone support and on/off switch - Different pill/patch/ring type templates - NuvaRing and Ortho Evra support - Custom pill/patch/ring type support - Manage contraception packs (includes reminder to buy some) - Snooze reminders - Change contraception type preserving the history - Custom notification message - Configurable automatic snooze interval - Log: shows you when and what contraception you have taken - Google Backup Service - Possibility to take the contraception sooner (within the actual day) - Possibility to snooze the contraception in advance (displays in the calendar view- within the actual day or future days) - Calendar displays if you have taken, forgotten or delayed the contraception - Take notes in the calendar and add a reminder time - Plan ahead to skip a contraception pause from the calendar view - Supports portrait and landscape mode - Themes - Create your own themes (integrated custom theme creation) - 3 Widgets - Includes a Dashclock extension ( - Android Lollipop Support (including head-up notification) - Backup & restore settings - Password protection
Permission description:
- VIBRATE => for notification - RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED => to schedule notifications - WAKE_LOCK => for notification - MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS => for notification - DISABLE_KEYGUARD => disable lockscreen during notification (configurable) - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE => backup & restore settings - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE => backup & restore settings
Found issues to be fixed soon:
- None
If someone has problems with the timezone contact me via mail for better support/troubleshooting.
Attention for devices with root rights (ex. Cyanogenmod and other): This app must be installed in the internal memory of the device, to be able to function correctly.
Attention for Sony devices with Stamina mode: You must add the app to the whitelist of the stamina mode.
Advice: In the mutual interest I would be very grateful if you contact me, before you give me a negative feedback, so that i have the opportunity to correct the problem. I am at your disposal. (
Please send any question, request or bug report to
(birth control pill, contraceptive pill, anti pregnancy pill, pilule)